Monday, October 15, 2007

Packing it In

I leave tomorrow. I've packed, unpacked, reduced, repacked, and now unpacking again to reduce. It's not like I'm meetng the Queen for heaven's sake! It's those "what if's" that keep me filling my backpack with unnecessary items. I think. Oh gosh, what if I don't take enough?
The last time I went, I took waaaaaay too much stuff and struggled on and off the train with HEAVY suitcases. Not this time. And if I need something, I'll just buy it (and pay 2+x the price?) Maybe I'll just do without!
Anyway, my daughter, Olivia, is already there and she says it is getting cold. So, maybe some sweaters? Yes, that's what I'll do.
As you can see, one trip in the spring is not the same as this one in the fall. When I return on the 31st, I will let you know if I did it right, and what I'd change. For now go to this link for packing ideas:
Watch for pictures and a ton of advice when I return the first of November!

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