Thursday, November 15, 2007

OCEAN'S THIRTEEN - Getting there

Why should I have been surprised? My flight to London was delayed for more than two hours. Of course they only informed us in thirty minute increments. Fortunately, I met a gentleman from London who often does business in Newcastle. So, the nosey person I am, I asked a lot of questions. Time flew by for me, probably dragged for the poor guy I plied for information. But we finally got on the jet. He went to first class, I went to coach. Oh well.

Back in the crowd, there were a lot of coughers, snifflers, sneezers. Thank goodness, I drank a lot of O.J. and Airborne fizzy tablets. The ride was rough. A lot of turbulence. Which surprised me since my flight there in '06 was so smooth. There were a few times I almost prayed, "beam me up, Jesus!" I stared at the attendants to detect any sign of fear. They kept their "poker faces" so I couldn't determine if we were seconds from the ocean or still safely suspended thousands of feet in the atmosphere.

I finally settled in for the thirteen hour journey. Since my seatmate was from the US, I didn't bother him--much. He was a lawyer on his way to meet friends in Brighton. Funny, he didn't look old enough to be a lawyer. And, since I must have appeared motherly, he asked me to wake him when the food came by, he didn't want to miss it. My nurturing genes kicked in and I totally forgot all the airy "potholes" we were hitting. He didn't miss a meal or a drink.

We landed and after a quick pass through customs, I found my daugher, Olivia, and sis-n-law, Terry (known to us as Chee Chee) We hopped the train and headed for York. Our great adventure as two old women and a young lady had begun!


  • Airborne really works!
  • STAY HYDRATED. Studies have shown this helps prevent getting sick on jets.
  • If your flight is delayed, relax. It happens all the time. Don't let it get your trip off to a bad start. Find an interesting person and the time will go by fast.
  • Wear something stretchy and comfortable. Ladies, I like Chico's travelers line. I know, I know, they are expensive, but you only need two pair, one clean and one dirty. They wash and dry so easily and if you keep them for traveling, they will last a long time. Think of it as a "clothing investment." At least you won't look like an unmade bed when you arrive. Gentlemen, my husband wears those nylon pants found at sporting stores like Lewis and Clark or Bass Pro.
  • Again, pack as light as possible. Especially your carry on. You will thank yourself while running through airports! Remember, airports are really picky about what you carry on, so as much as possible, put all your liquids in your check in bag. For updated info go to:
  • NOTE: if you are flying out of London on your return trip, they now only allow ONE carry on.
  • Remember, don't exchange money at airports!
  • FYI, If you want to buy something on the jet, they will take USD or GBP. I wanted something that cost either 3lb or $5. I didn't have enough of either, so I offered a combination of pounds and dollars. They didn't go for it. The kind man next to me (the one I spoke to non-stop from London to Dallas) offered to buy it for me. :)
  • Try and sleep on the jet. I said try, I never can. There are sleep aides, but I'm afraid I'll snore, no, I will snore. Besides, I always get hung up on a movie.


Me and Chee Chee in York

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