Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baaaath or Bawth

One of the most awkward words for me to say in England (and believe me I had trouble with a lot of them) was "Bath." You see, in the UK "a" is prounounced "aw." When I try to say "Bawth" I feel like I'm trying to be pretentious, but the lovely linguists in England look at me funny when I sound like I'm calling sheep saying "Baaath."

Oh well, no matter how you say it, Bath is a lovely place to visit. As I wrote in my last post, we couldn't find a place to stay in our price range in Bath, so we went to a B&B close to Gatwick Airport. From there we decided to make a day trip to Bath. Shortly after arriving, I realized we had made a baaaaad decision. No one can do justice to this incredible town in four hours. Especially if you are a dreamer like me. I could have spent four hours in the park imagining Jane Austin writing there!

Instead we walked every street. We didn't even eat! The first place we visited was Bath Abby (pictured at the beginning of this post) and the Roman Baths. The we toured every street of the town which was already being decorated for Christmas.

Exhausted we ended up at Parade Gardens Park where Pultney Bridge crosses the River Avon. There we collapsed and drank in the beauty. Bath is a lovely place to visit in the fall. (just make sure it isn't a bank holiday!)

Bath has soooo much to offer from nature, history, arts, and of course shopping. Plan on making it your home base and take day trips from there. For information on places to stay and all the wonderful things to do that we missed go to

I would have liked to have seen the older homes on the outskirts of town and experienced all the walking tours. But another time. I hope I may return there someday!

Up next, South England.