Sunday, April 13, 2008

Southern England

We have finally moved into our house in the middle of the woods. So deep in the country that we had to find a way to get hooked up to the internet. After much inquiry and searching we found Hughes Sattelite and are now reconnected the the world. My office is looking pretty sad right now. Everything is in boxes. That has been the reason for my delay on relaying my view of Southern England. Just a few more days and I will post on Greatham, Arundel, Dover, and a some of the villages in between.

After that blog, I will turn my attention to Central America for a bit.

I want to thank all of you for reading this blog. I have readers from eleven countries now and I appreciate everyone of you.

Since the dollar is so weak against the GBP and the Euro and who knows what other currencies, I want to invite you to continue visiting the USA. This is a vast country that is just waiting for you to explore. If you are interested in a particular region, or if you have a particular interest and want me to do some research for you, please write me and I will report back complete with pictures. I have friends all over this great nation who will gladly give the information that will make your visit to our wonderful country an excellent and satisfying one.

Either comment on this blog or write me at:

Oh, I had to post my "Dover Sheep" pic. My hostess, Mandy, from Dover was kind enough to stop her car on a narrow road in the rain while I took this shot. I'm telling you, I love sheep. They are so much more interesting than the herds of cows I look at in the fields here in Arkansas!