Sunday, December 14, 2008


Of all the things I enjoy, nature and the outdoors are on the top of my list. Maybe that is why Taos and Red River are so appealing. There is something year around for people like me.

In warm weather White water rafting, haven't tried this myself and have to admit to not even being tempted! Hiking, now that is more like it. Golfing, fishing, horseback riding, and camping by the Red River in the shadows of towering mountains.


Winter: snowmobiling, skiing, fishing, and relaxing by a roaring fire while staying at the Hotel La Fonda in Taos, or the Woodlands on the River condos in Red RiverTaos is a slow-paced town with museums and art galleries to peruse through. Although I didn't eat there, I saw a lot of tasty-looking choices.

Red River is more about activity and exploring. Since we stayed in the Woodlands condo, we ate in most of the time. Once we ate at the only Mexican food resturant and will probably not go there again. But we had a great meal at the Lodge at Red River.

New Mexico is a beautiful, diverse, multi-textured, cultured, state no matter which area you visit. I'm looking forward to returning next fall!