Saturday, December 5, 2009


Neal and I made our annual trip to Red River, New Mexico in late October. Each year I am reminded afresh why I love that place so much. It is so diverse. Hiking, boating, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, historical sights to visit, and my favorite activity–reflecting and writing. 

I’ve written about New Mexico before and if you’d like more information about the area just visit my older posts. Today I want to tell you about a great place to stay–The Woodlands on the River. These condos are on the Red River a couple of miles from town. Each condo has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a family room with a fireplace (wood provided) and a eat-in, fully equipped kitchen. The upstairs condos have a balcony and the downstairs a patio. It is the perfect place to come home to and relax after a day of adventure and activity. If you would rather have a quiet day and maybe take a short walk along the river you can do so and take in all the beauty your heart desires.  

owner- Linda, office manager- Cori, owner-Jodi

The condos belong to individual owners who rent them throughout the year. They usually decorate the condos with a theme. When you call the office tell them if you have any special needs. For instance, upstairs, downstairs, queen bed, twin beds, etc. Cori, the office manager will do her best to accommodate you. This year we were surprised to find that the condo we rented had bunk-beds in one room. This wasn’t suitable for us or the couple who was sharing the condo with us. Even though the Woodlands were near capacity, she was able to work things out for us and get us in a condo with queen beds. 

Even though the kitchens are fully equipped, I suggest that if you plan to do extensive cooking bring your own electric skillet, fryer, or crock pots. Also, bring your own sharp knives. In each condo there have been plenty of dishes and bowls. They provide dish towels and cleaners. Also, there have been paper towels on the counter, but I always bring extra. 

A grocery store is close by on the main street. Neal and I have walked to it. It couldn’t be more than 3 miles. The prices are what you would expect in a small town grocer, so it helps to bring your dry ingredients with you if you are driving.

Another suggestion, bring a humidifier. This will really help your nose and sinuses. The air is thin and dry. It takes a couple of days to get used to it, so drink plenty of fluids and keep your activities light for the first 48ish hours.

Oh, and ducks, can’t forget them! They adopt you immediately. Although guests offer a wide variety of snacks for them I like to bring cracked corn. I buy it at a feed store in town. During our last visit a doe and her fawn also visited and enjoyed the corn.

Hint: the condo units that have the best views of the river are 1, 3, 4, and 6.  Oh, and for what it is worth, what they call a river is more like a creek where I come from. In other words, don’t bring your boat, just your waders. 

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