Saturday, January 9, 2010


It is 5 degrees here in Fayetteville, AR (-15 c). So my husband, Neal, and I sipped our morning coffee in front of the fire and made plans for our next big trip. We won't go until next year, still, it was fun dreaming together. We've decided on  returning to one of the homelands of our ancestors. Scotland, Ireland, and/or Wales. Of course, I want to return to England too. As much as I love that country, surely someone in my lineage came from there!

After we finished our coffee and our dreaming I sat down at my computer to work on my newest book (deadline end of Feb. Yikes!) and found an email from a company in England that sells antique watches informed me they've featured my blog and wanted me to return the favor, which I am happily doing.

Maybe it's a sign? That I'm to return to England? One can only dream.

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