Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Next year Neal and I plan to return to Scotland to visit our ancestral heritage. My great- great- great- great-grandfather Leslie came to America in the 1800's. I'm searching for anything that would tell me about his decision to come here, and about the family he left behind.

Neal is a Campbell. He doesn't have a direct link to his ancestor(s) or when his branch of the Campbell Clan came to America. But to look at him, it is undeniable that he has Scottish blood.

I'm anxious to return to Scotland and see more of it. Neal also has Welsh heritage, and we both have Irish ancestors also. The Irish blood is evident in my daughter, Olivia. While she and I were backpacking in the UK, she was often mistaken as an Irish lass, that is until she spoke.

It is fun to try and find our roots. Here in America the citizens are like a fabric woven of many threads. Some of those threads are evident in our faces and body structure, others are evident in our souls. When I am in the UK or Scotland, I feel I'm home. I'm sure that when I visit Ireland, one day, the same homecoming sensation will wash over me.

I love being an American, but I also honor the homelands where my stories began.

Humankind is a beautiful tapestry, isn't it?


LeAynne said...

Interesting. Tim's grandmother is a Campbell too.

Norma said...

Went to Northern Ireland to do research for a whole month August of 2008. Loved Northern Ireland and the people. We did find lots of material. Want to go again because this time I would better know how and where to look.

Norma Caldwell