Monday, May 16, 2011


Last week I traveled with my husband to Louisville Kentucky and I felt like like I was back in Scotland because I simply cannot pronounce the name of this town any more than I can get my tongue around Edinburgh! I've been saying it as it is spelled and have been corrected countless times, each with a different pronounciation. That said, this is a great place full of history and horses. Our visit only lasted a couple of days. I would have enjoyed a longer stay to explore the city.  

We stayed at the Galt House. I can tell this hotel was once a grand lady. Now I would describe her as a little tired. I didn't really notice this until we got to our room. We were on the 16th floor with a lovely view of the Ohio River and the small park below. The bathroom was in disrepair, the sink stopper was in pieces and for some reason it took a long time for the hot water to reach our bathroom. Housekeeping was also sorta spotty. We had to call one evening for towels and when they arrived I could tell they were old ones, thin and rough with the faint smell of french fry grease.  Internet was free, but pitiful. I know this sounds picky, however, when a hotel charges premium prices, one expects premium accommodations. 

One nice thing was the observatory. I enjoyed this sunny spot. It was a great place to write. There is an aviary in the center and the bar is an aquarium. Pretty cool. Also, the staff were very helpful and kind. Surprisingly, the room service food was really good and the prices reasonable. Neal and I got in so late, we just didn't have the energy to find a place to eat. How wonderful to have our meal delivered to our room for less than it would have been eating out! 

Louisville is a beautiful city. Roses everywhere. We visited the Kentucky Derby Museum and found it very interesting. Kids will love it. They can mount a simulated horse and virtually race their friends on the screen in front of them. On the first floor is a 360 degree screen that gives a tour and history of the derby. They also have a soundproof booth where we can try our hand at calling a horse race. Thank goodness it was soundproof!

Of course, my favorite was the hats! Ladies of the derby look like those who attended the Royal Wedding. I have a real weakness for hats and my wonderful husband bought me one. He is such a great guy! 

Downtown shopping is fantastic and if you like antiques, Joe Ley is a must see! I also enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at a small cafe called "Toast." 

Since our reason for being in Louisville was business, our time was limited and that's too bad. There is so much to do and see there, especially with the kids. Go to this site for more information: