Sunday, February 19, 2012


Okay, I'm back from my first timeshare vacation. After reviewing the events of the week, I have some serious considerations.

First, never doubt the power of pressure and persuasion. When we first met with a Bluegreen sales person, we were told that the price that person offered us that day would definitely go up. Perhaps in as little as three months. My husband, Neal, is my level-headed critical thinker. I would have bought the timeshare right then and there! In fact, I was a bit miffed because he wouldn't do it. I mean, couldn't he see what a great investment he was passing up?

But after a couple of days, I understood his reluctance. He did purchase a "sampler" program for a few hundred for me to have a place to hide away and write.

When I went for my first week, Neal came with me since it was required that we sit through another sales pitch. This time we had a nice young man who was very honest. Even Neal was on the verge of maybe truly considering buying in. But when the fellow who must have been the "closer" to seal the deal came, he blew it. At first he was cool, but his pressure sale finally kicked in. He actually offered us a better deal that the person two months earlier. And he had the same warnings that if we didn't buy that very day, we would miss out.

Truth is, if we have the money in hand, they can do whatever they want for us.

After thinking it over, I have another concern. Should we buy into a timeshare, our "maintenance fee" would be $1200.00 a year. And this fee goes up quite often. We are told that we can "will" our timeshare to our children. Do I really want to stick them with a yearly bill of who knows how much money when we die?

Neal and I checked on resorts and hotels of all the places we'd like to go. That maintenance fee would go far in giving us a great vacation.

So far, timeshares are not looking like a very good idea.

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