Thursday, February 2, 2012


This Southern Gal has views. And they are not all visual. My husband and I are "sampling" timeshares to see if they are as fabulous, or as horrible as we have heard and read about.

We have Bluegreen Resort Vacation and Marriott Vacation "samplers." Let's see if a Timeshare is a good thing, or a very bad idea.

Currently we are exploring BLUEGREEN RESORT VACATIONS.

Recently we purchased a "Sample" from Bluegreen Resorts in Branson, MO just to see if we would like it and to get an idea about any issues we would encounter before we lay down major cash.

Yesterday I attempted to schedule a week during their "white" period, the off-season. This is what I found:

  • The operator I spoke with told me the week I wanted was unavailable because it was around President's Day. She said no one could check in or out the day before and the day after a holiday. The salesperson did not tell us this. She finally found me a week, but quoted a higher point value than what was in my little point information book. I told her I'd need to call her back. 
  • I did call back in less than three minutes.  This operator told me there were no weeks. So I had to settle for a few days. 
  • After I finished making my appointment, I tried to call the salesperson. I was impressed that she had given me her Cell number. It doesn't work. I emailed her. Haven't heard from her. 
Hmmmmm, I'm thinking I'm glad we didn't succumb to the immediacy of her sales pitch. Looks like there is trouble ahead. 

More next week after I check in. 

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